They are listening…always listening.

Before you think I have donned a tin foil hat and am hiding in my basement waiting for the black helicopters to start buzzing


my house, you have to know, that I am not crazy when I say, “They are listening…always listening.”  I am really not.



It’s not a conspiracy thing… I am not sure about chem trails, or the illuminati, but I am convinced, THEY ARE LISTENING!

Back up to the ‘hiding in my basement’ comment…I am not ‘hiding’ in my basement, but have been working on it since before the dawn of time, endeavouring to complete my basement before the apocalypse.  It has been an awesome time of labor and lucky me, I get to do this project with my beautiful bride Susan.  Anyway, she asked me how we were going to paint the wall near the ceiling on the stairwell.  I told her that we could rent or borrow scaffolding to complete that part of the project.

That’s when I became convinced that they ARE listening.  The next time I logged into Facebook, behold <queue the angelic choir now> there in the lists of advertisements for Chia Pet(TM) and Rogaine(TM) was an advertisement for, you guessed it, Scaffolding.

Fortunate coincidence or are they listening?   I am convinced they are…but I don’t remember saying anything about a buying a chia pet…but did remark that a certain person had finally arrived because they have a chia-pet (cha cha cha chia) made after their likeness.  You know you have arrived in infamy when either you have a PEZ dispenser or a Chia Pet after your likeness.  And the rogaine advertisement had to be populated in my list of advertisements after I remarked to my hairdresser that the word “hair” is both singular AND plural and that mine was becoming more singular every day.  Hence the algorithm at ‘The listening place’ must have thought I needed help.

I was sharing this with a man from India yesterday, and, he too shared that he had once remarked about picking up some indian food to his wife, and an advertisement for the animated Disney movie Pocahontas showed up on his Facebook feed shortly after along with a story about a politician.  I guess the algorithm at “The listening place” must have thought that curry and Disney animated movies about Native Americans go together.

I am convinced that they are listening to my random remarks and my off the wall musings.   Poor souls.  The advertisements should be epic or very very strange.  Anyway, instructive as it is to know THEY are listening, it is even more instructive to know that “THEY ARE ALWAYS LISTENING.”  Not just because the people at “The listening place” are listening, but because there are a lot of ears listening to what everyone is saying and writing on facebook too. Every idle word may not bring up an advertisement in facebook or google, but it may impact someone for the rest of their life.  Even things spoken in jest may have an immediate and eternal impact.

So, my encouragement to you is to mind what you say, encourage people and lift them up, share words of life with them, and for fun, add a little excitement to the people at ‘The listening place’ by remarking that you long for the days of buying “Sea Monkey’s(TM) ” at T.G.& Y.   See what pops up.

The end of the world WILL BE 9/23/2017

You probably have read the headlines or the #FOXNEWS story:  the world will officially end on September 23, 2017.   David Meade, who according to FOXNEWS is a Christian Numerologist (whatever that is) forecast impending global doom for Saturday.  I am not sure if it is before college football, during or after.   His claim is bolstered by a psychic’s study of ancient Babylonian text that declares that all will end this Saturday.   The claim is that there is a planet called Nibiru (or Planet X, depending on the site you read) that will enter our solar system in two days, setting off a cataclysmic chain of events that will thrust us into nothingness.   Life, as we know it, will end.  Lights out.  Better do your Walmart run today, Saturday will be too late.

It reminds me of the paranoia that surrounded Edgar C. Whisenant’s prediction that the Rapture would occur in 1988 (strangely around this time of year…between September 11-13, 1988).  He wrote a book entitled, “88 Reasons why the Rapture will be in 1988.”   When that ‘prophecy’ failed, he followed up with another book, “The Final Shout: Rapture Report 1989.”  I don’t know why he didn’t follow up with a book entitled, “Why I got it so wrong, 90 reasons Jesus did not come back in 1989.”  Sadly, people took the books to heart and prepared themselves for the apocalypse but not the end of the world.  They bought remote property in the boondocks and hoarded freeze dried food that will perish long after they will.  When the ‘prophetic’ failed to prove true, some walked away believing that not only was the timing wrong but surmised that the entire premise of the Rapture was also wrong.

Scripture is astoundingly clear that putting a date, or a time of biblical prophecy is fruitless.  Jesus even said in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows the time when the end will be, not angels or even the son of God, only our Father in heaven.  Now, before you hit reply and note that Jesus said, “No one knows the day or the hour” but not the week or year, I refer you back to Mr. Whisenant.  He said the very same thing, and many believed him, over very crystal clear scripture.  His books may have made a lot of money but they did not provide the reality check that everyone needs in preparation for eternity.  So in light of that, here is something I will prophecy.

I am going to make a bold prophetic announcement…that’s right, I am going out on limb and announcing the following:


There, I said it.  Write it down, John Utley wrote that “The world will end on September 23, 2017!”

I am going to go out on a limb and declare an even bolder prophecy:


Prove me wrong.  I believe it to be true…stand by it and everything…and here is another one:


Wait, what…..that’s today.

I did some study of my own, crunched my own numbers (actually googled it…)and I can declare without fear that THE WORLD WILL END ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 for approximately 151,600 people around the world.

It will be over.  Life, as they know it, will be over.  Their world ended.

On September 22, another 151,600-ish will also experience the end of the world, as they know it.

I am not making light of ‘the end of the world’ at all.  You see, every single day, on average, 151,600 people die.  Around that many will find their world ends on September 23 too.  Their world ends.  They slip into eternity.

Some will do so knowingly.  They have some type of illness that a prognosis gave a fairly clear warning of their world ending (not a numerologist, but a concerned doctor).  Many, however, have no clue that the world is about to end.  There were no ’88 reasons you are going to die today’ book available to them.  A car accident, heart attack, stroke or other cause brought them to the end of the world, or at least the end of their world.  Their family and friends were just as surprised about their death as they were surprised.  And that is my greatest fear.  People slipping into eternity unprepared.

I don’t know who will be included in that number of 151,600 people today, or tomorrow, or Saturday.  Some people who start the day thinking the world will not end that day will only  find out that they were a part of that number, maybe too late, and they had no clue.  Their world ended.  Their friends and family never saw it coming.  Maybe even someone reading this very post today, thinking that all the other people need to read this, and without warning, they enter into the eternal realm, facing a HOLY GOD.

While I can not tell you who’s world will end on each day, I can tell you that each one of us will experience that very thing one day.  No one gets out alive (rapture participants excluded).  Not only do we not get out alive, we have no guarantees to when OUR WORLD will end.  Nothing.  Even a prognosis from a physician can be days, weeks or even years wrong.

And that is about all the warning we can possibly expect.  Except for posts like this, and scripture, you will not have any other warning that YOUR WORLD is about to end.  You will not have an alarm clock sound a warning that you have ten minutes left, or that planet x is about to mess up your solar system.  In fact, even a mild manner drive in your car can propel you into God’s presence, facing judgment without so much as a warning light on your dashboard.

For those facing the zombie apocalypse or the ‘planet x vs. earth rumble’ on wrestle mania will gather all sorts of food, ammunition, and shelter to protect their family from the impending world-ending chaos.  But few will prepare their souls for a trip that each one will surely take, mostly without a numerologist or psychic declaring the end is near.

If you get anything from this post or any of the ‘prophecies’ about Saturday flying around know this:  PLANET EARTH WILL make it all the way through September 23, 2017 without a problem, but you may not.  The best course of action is to disregard the planet x people and instead, prepare your soul for eternity now.  Who knows,  September 23, 2017 may not be the end of your world.  Regardless, you should stay ready for that day (your world ending day) always because that is the only sure thing about life and it will probably come without a #FOXNEWS breaking news report beforehand.  Your world will end one day, make yourself ready, and stay ready for you don’t know when your world will end.

If you need help in knowing how to prepare your soul for the end of your world, send me a message!

Beware of the LOBBERS!

Beware of the LOBBERS. You know them…they are all around you…and they are certainly on Facebook! There may even be LOBBERS in YOU! Who or what are the ‘LOBBERS?’ The “LOBBERS” are the cryptic writers or sayers of things… things that are lobbed in all directions, or unknowingly in an offenders direction, without clearly dealing with the person that has offended. Such LOBBERS live a lobbers life, lobbing all kinds of things, in all directions, without truly interacting with people, without truly getting things worked out, without clearly communicating with the offenders, and then, when their relationships go bad, they lob even more cryptic writing, without truly getting to the root of the issue. They are sad LOBBERS…and they are so sad that they lob even more cryptic things in all kinds of directions.


They are every where…and sadly, a small lobber exists in each of us, doing its best to get out, and cryptically say something…write something…something that never gets to the root of the issue…and only serves to frustrate everyone. Some LOBBERS lob and run, making it even harder to get to the root of the issue. If you have a lobber in you…call it out…and run as fast as you can away from the lobber. Find the person that has hurt you, and Clearly, honestly, lovingly and patiently. NOT WITH LOBS…that’s what LOBBERS use…instead…work it out with love, and clear communication.  Just you and the person you need to discuss it with…not lobbed out for everyone else.!

Don’t be a LOBBER!

And if you are dealing with a LOBBER…show them this post…and tell them that you love them too much to let the LOBBERS win. Talk it out…and win. Don’t let the LOBBER lob anymore!!!!